Repair service

Repairs extend the life of your good shoes !

Icon shoe clinic is our in-house repair service covering the Birkenstock and the Trippen closed range.

With Birkenstock we can reheel and resole your footwear. We can upsize or recycle, repair the cork footbeds, raise the heels or the arch support, set rivets , buckles and toe pegs. We also can patch leather and cork in case a naughty puppy has chewed on your favourite sandals 🙂

In the Trippen closed range we can replace your worn out soles, cork footbeds and laces with original Trippen parts.

We also stock replacement soles for the Loints of Holland Natural range.

Shoe laces can be made up to your custom length and fitted with metal aglets.

Please remember to clean your shoes before bringing them in for repair 🙂