Product care

All new footwear should be worn in gradually. Avoid stress and blisters. Allow your feet time to adjust to new leathers, new contours and points of engagement.

Avoid concentrated heat on all Birkenstock Classic models . We advise against leaving your sandals/clogs in closed cars on hot days or in front of heaters or fireplaces.They should also not be left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Birkenstock footwear with exposed cork may in time require cork repair repair due to general wear over time. A cork sealant can be applied for protection.

Clean and nourish your good shoes from time to time and soles for wear. Get repaired when necessary.

Suede and nubuck uppers should be waterproofed before wearing. Use a silicone based spray for protection against water, watermarks and dirt. Only apply to the outside of shoes and never the interior. First time treatment should be generous whereas subsequent top-ups can be lighter. To clean these leather types use a suede brush for brushing and an eraser block to remove spots. Nubuck leathers can be scrubbed or finely sanded back to rejuvenate the original colours.

Alternatively a leather shampoo product can be used to refresh a tired upper. Colour active nubuck conditioners in liquid form can be applied when colour has faded.

Birkenstock’s non leather upper BirkoFlor can be cleaned with any mild detergent. It does not require any nutrition.

Smooth leathers need to be maintained with a quality leather conditioner/cream. Shoes need to be dry. Remove any dirt first with a brush or cloth. Apply sufficient but not excessive amounts of cream to all leather parts. Any remaining

Use of a shoehorn avoids doing serious damage to the heel structure of your good shoes. It’s easier that way too.

Wet shoes need to be dried slowly. Pack shoes with crumbled newspaper to restore them to original shape and let them dry out slowly. No direct heat or radiator. Once dry treat with conditioner again.

We use and recommend Collonil shoe care products – as available in-store. But any good product can be used.

Check your footwear occasionally for wear and tear and get repaired early. Saves money and the planet as well 🙂

Remember to clean your shoes before taking them to your repairer.